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The Famous Celebrities (TFC) is a web portal to provide complete information about the famous celebrities in India and across the world. The aim of the web portal is to provide real and complete information about the Indian and world-famous celebrities and people who are in news.

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The Famous Celebrities (TFC) collects almost all information about celebrities for the fans of celebrities. TFC collects information based on biodata, family, career, marriage, affairs, income, education, lifestyle, and many other related to celebrities.

TFC collects information people from India, United States, Canada, United Kindom, Japan, Pakistan, as well as other major countries across the world. TFC talks about almost all types of famous celebrities or people including actors, actress, directors, producers, singers, dancers, choreographers, VJ, DJ, army officers, businessman, motivational speakers, cricketers, wrestlers, football players, gaming players, toppers, etc.

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If some information, you didn’t find in our collection, just tell us through contact us form. We will update as soon as possible and notify you via your email.

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